“Wood Wireless Charging Stand” for Simple Sound: magnetic attachment, MagSafe phone stand, brass stand, Qi compatibility. Enhance music experience with removable rubber plugs. Apple charger sold separately.

木製MagSafe充電架組合功能 與 音效反射功能介紹


  • 「木製無線充電支架」可以磁吸附在Simple Sound 上作為充電板使用,也可以單獨作為MagSafe手機支架使用。還附有黃銅支架,適用於所有支援Qi無線充電的手機。蘋果充電器需另行購買。

    The “Wooden MagSafe Charging Stand” can attach to Simple Sound as a charging pad or be used alone as a MagSafe phone stand. It includes a brass wire stand and works with all Qi wireless phones. Apple original charger needs to be purchased separately.

  • Simple Sound 底部有2個可拆卸的橡膠塞,建議在狹小空間或近距離使用時取下。取下橡膠塞後,聲源從1個增加到3個,使音樂更寬廣,提升氛圍和空間感。
    Simple Sound has 2 removable rubber plugs at the bottom. It is recommended to remove them when used in close proximity or small spaces. After removing the plugs, the sound sources increase from 1 to 3, making the music sound broader and enhancing the atmosphere and spatial feeling.


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