SimpleSound | Unplugged, natural and charming wooden mobile phone speaker stand

Simple Sound Phone Dock Stands | Wooden Mobile Phone Amplifier w/ Brass Horn

No need to plug in, no Bluetooth, unlimited time and space. The most simple and original resonance speaker without losing quality. The ultimate beauty of craftsmanship, made of musical instrument materials, and retro gramophone design.

  • 2020.Jun: Start designing, and conduct cross-testing and proofing.
  • 2020.Sep: The first generation prototype is born and continues to be gradually upgraded and improved.
  • 2021.Apr: Second generation Simple Sound
  • 2021.Dec.06: Yu Tietuo raised funds for success

Suitable for both gift giving and personal use.

texture. Life. daily. enjoy.

Study/office (desk)/living room/bedroom,
A must-have for young adults, the most versatile and beautiful collection.

Enjoyment on the sofa/laziness on the couch/leisure on the low stool,
Wandering in the sea of ​​​​fun and slowing down time, it is the most indispensable and perfect banquet.

Note: The above video is a development sample of the second-generation Simple Sound walnut model. The latest generation of Simple Sound has been officially raised and shipped, with improved waistbands, copper strips for anti-scratch hands and other configuration optimizations.