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SimpleSound | Unplugged, natural and charming wooden mobile phone speaker stand

SimpleSound | Unplugged, natural and charming wooden mobile phone speaker stand

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No need to plug in, no Bluetooth, unlimited time and space.

The most simple and original resonance speaker without losing quality.

The ultimate beauty of craftsmanship, made of musical instrument materials, and retro gramophone design.

About design

Turn a few pages of magazines, read a few books, fill in a few words, write a few lines of poetry,
Make a cup of dark roast coffee, a pot of English black tea, and a cup of Whiskey or Brandy.
Or you don’t need anything, just relax, daze and listen attentively.
Let Simple Sound accompany you through every moment when your brain should shut down.
  • (Versatile style) The most versatile, practical and exciting collection of home furnishings
  • (Retro Design) The ultimate beauty of craftsmanship, top-grade materials, retro gramophone design
  • (Exquisite cutting) The most exquisite cutting technology, a high-quality combination of sound wood and metal.

Regardless of day or night, different music is played at different times according to mood;
Simple Sound is the most versatile, practical and exciting collection of home furnishings.

(Exquisite cutting) The most exquisite cutting technology-copper bar CNC wire cutting

(Exquisite cutting) The most exquisite cutting technology - woodworking CNC cutting and engraving

About technology

Even if time goes on, with the music it feels like going back to the past,
Real and pure presentation, retro but fashionable taste.
Say goodbye to the busyness and hustle and bustle for a while, and enter the state of drunkenness where you are the only one.
Let Simple Sound do it for you - leaving the most chill component in your music.
  • (Strict quality control) Exclusively produced by carefully selected major musical instrument manufacturers, simple products, not easy to check
  • (Wooden base) The sound wood with the most resonance advantage is selected and the wooden speaker base has been tested repeatedly.
  • (Shock-absorbing feet) Audio-grade shock-absorbing feet isolate external vibration interference and maintain the best sound quality
  • (Moisture-proof and insect-proof) Detailed treatment of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-insect has been carried out according to the domestic climate characteristics.
  • (Adjustable foot pads) If the foot nails have any concerns about wearing the furniture surface, you can replace them with adjustable plastic foot pads.

About materials

Irreplaceable high-quality raw materials, comparable to the quality control of musical instruments,
Acoustic guitars are made from designated soundwood to create a warm and pleasant sound quality.
The copper horn tube has excellent amplification effect and has unique advantages in mid- and high-frequency transmission.
Simple Sound sincerely promises to give you the best for your enjoyment.
  • Mahogany/walnut speakers
    -Mahogany -
    the sound wood designated for acoustic guitar making. Compared with other woods, mahogany, used to make musical instruments, can better convey the temperature of the music while maintaining its existing texture.
    -Walnut - Suitable for the transmission of various frequencies, the high frequency is clear, the mid frequency is crisp, the low frequency is convergent but can extend, improving the three-dimensional effect of the overall tone.
  • the latest update!
    -Mahogany - upgraded furniture paint surface ( furniture wax can be used for maintenance);
    -Walnut - painted with pure natural beeswax (maintenance).
  • (brass trumpet) The material of choice for making brass instruments. Through the fine-textured brass as a medium, not only the sound conveyed is clear and solid, but the resonance of the music is further enhanced.

About use

Bedroom/study/private room/personal studio/bath room,
Literary youth shop/independent bookstore/JAZZ bar/old house cafe,
A secret base within 10 square meters, where you want to spend some quiet and luxurious time.
Simple Sound will accompany you - stay in every moment of your own.
  • (Extreme amplification) The maximum amplification of amplification is 10 decibels, and the average amplification is 6 decibels.
  • (Convenient storage) It is simple and convenient to disassemble and assemble, and the storage meets the needs of modern small spaces.
  • (Comfortable hearing) The purity of natural resonance achieves an original presentation that is not harsh.
  • (Free from complexity) No Internet, no Bluetooth, no WiFi, no power socket required

〈 Recommended distance: 1.5m

〈 Other notes: When taking pictures, there will be image reflection from the speaker part! 〉

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